Rainbow of Hexie Hearts - Miss Leela
Rainbow of Hexie Hearts – courtesy Miss Leela, http://www.missleela.com.au

The Power of Nurture is a resource for those who want to have better relationships with those they care for and about, personally or professionally. This may mean enhancing or improving an individual parent-child or partner relationship, or improving the quality of services provided to an entire population of clients.

Because the bonds of human relationships are among the most powerful forces on the planet, we cannot underestimate the ways in which our contributions to their quality shape outcomes – for individuals, couples, families, work groups, and recipients of professional services in settings such as health care, schools, social service agencies, and so on.

Rooted in human development theory and research and years of clinical experience, The Power of Nurture is designed to suggest new ways of thinking about a current relationship problem or to affirm the choices you’re already making in your interactions with others.