Rainbow of Hexie Hearts - Miss Leela

I require a You to become; becoming I, I say You. All actual life is encounter.

Martin Buber

From the moment we are born, the power of our social relationships is present. Long before we can remember, our parents and other caretakers and social partners begin responding to us. As they continue to do so across the span of our development, and as we respond in kind, our understanding of the world and our place in it grows. The nature of our social ties, both early and ongoing, form foundational ground upon which much of our lives rest.

Tuning in to the quality of these connections, to the ways in which they support or impede well-being for ourselves and those with whom we interact, carries great potential. We may be surprised to discover dynamics at play – with children, partners, clients, colleagues – that unintentionally create compromise and challenge. Looking through a new lens, we can change our contributions to those dynamics, harnessing the power inherent in our bonds with one another to enhance mutual well-being.