For Programs and Providers

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

In the professional realm, I make an assumption about those who choose to help others – they do so because they want to make a difference. Whether in health care, social service, or education, those who have opted to build their careers around the care, support, and growth of others have done so because they recognize the intrinsic capacity we have to improve the well-being of our fellow humans.

Surely there are anomalies, some who fell into a job or opted for a career owing to other influences such as income or status. But on balance, I believe those we might call “providers” – of medical care, social and emotional support, and knowledge and learning – are rooted in a commitment to nurturing others.

However, unless they happen to come by it naturally or have had solid training, not only may providers not excel in the process of nurturing – they may not even recognize how essential it is to achieve the ends they seek. If a patient, client, or student does not feel taken care of, safe and secure in their interactions and relationship with a provider, the information, resources, and instruction imparted may be cast aside no matter how valuable or helpful it is.

The Power of Nurture is designed to support programs and their providers in enhancing the quality of services they offer by exploring and enhancing the quality of provider interactions and relationships. Where appropriate, this may also include examination of the quality of collegial interactions as well as informational and instructional materials.

In our work together, you may expect to receive some or all of the following services:

  • Interviews and/or surveys of staff to assess program performance
  • Observational assessment of staff performance
  • Coaching of staff to improve performance
  • Group training/workshops for staff
  • Review of program informational/educational materials for patients/clients
  • Gap analysis report and recommended work plan
  • Ongoing program assessment and feedback as desired and agreed upon

Ensuring the quality of program services means ensuring the quality of provider interactions and relationships upon which those services rest. Please contact me for an initial conversation about how The Power of Nurture can support the goal of high-quality service in your organization.